Keep your machines efficient, safe and connected.
Altivar ATV320 variable speed drives for simple and advanced machines.
Setting the standard in residential and light commercial wiring devices
As the best value in wiring devices, X Series wiring devices are surprisingly feature-rich, including easy installation, refreshed modern design, and smart home compatibility. X Series offers interchangeable, flush facing covers and connectivity options to help you save energy. Use your phone to control connected outlets and light switches.

Switches & Dimmers

Easily swap and upgrade plates. Supports single pole, three-way and four-way switches and eliminates flickering on LED lights.
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Enhance safety with GFCI receptacles, and camouflaged black shutters and speed up installation with "no-wrapping" screw and self-grounding clip.
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Sensors & Fan Control

Detect both occupancy and vacancy, adjust time for fans and lights, enable manual control and quickly install.
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Connected Devices

Control receptacles and lights remotely with Wi-Fi and Z-Wave connectivity.
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X Series
Flexible and feature-rich, X Series sets the new benchmark for how today’s wiring devices should look and feel..
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Popular Products
A bold evolution in residential energy
Faster installation, more safety: Richer features  for consumers and electricians alike.
Easy-sliding black tamper-resistant shutters for  extra safety.
Speed wiring time with the better accessibility of  side-mount pressure plates.
Skip the separate ground screw with the  self-grounding clip.
Connect your wire quickly with push-in option and  avoid the need to wrap.
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